Why Listeners Like Beats & Instrumentals

January 29, 2009

If you are still rapping to whack  rap beats and singing to mediocre r&b instrumentals, then it is only a matter of time before your listeners start to not take you seriously. You are doing yourself and your fans a dis-service, and your competition will eat you alive if they improve their quality first.

Not only is having quality music instrumentals important in helping you stand out as an artist in front of your fans and friends, but it is also important in representing yourself well in front of music industry executives as well.

This is why:

When a person begins listening to your music, you have 10 to 15 seconds to catch their attention. What do listeners usually hear during those first seconds of the song?

They hear the rap beats or r&b beats.

If your beats are not of high quality, then you can lose your listener before your voice even shows up on the song.

The other advantage to having quality rap beats and r&b instrumentals is that they will instantly enhance your sound as an artist.

Imagine a great accapella performance by a music artist….then imagine some whack sounding hip hop beats, r&b instrumentals, or rap beats…

Now imagine the great vocal performance and the whack music beats being put together. Instantly, the terrible sounding beat will drag down the great sound of the vocal performance.

But now imagine a mediocre accapella vocal performance, combined with a super hot hip hop beat, r&b instrumental, or rap beat.

Instantly, the quality of the hot beats can improve the sound of the mediocre vocal performance, and overall make the song sound a lot better than the artist really is.

Not only does having platinum quality music instrumentals help an artist sound better, but it also gives the impression to your listeners that you care enough and are serious enough about your music career to have invested lots of time and money into quality production of your songs.

This will cause them to appreciate it more and support it by buying your music.

If you want your fans to invest into your music, then you must also be willing to invest in your own music…